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In The Know random spin the wheel episode where we dicuss current and random topic per spin. Episode date4.19.2022

Our NV Panel discuss the different forms of oppression and ask themselves "Have i been oppressed?" There are many different forms of oppression that make life difficult for people....

Our panel has an in depth discussion about the other side of poverty and the ways to avoid it. Tune in live every Wednesday 8:30pm CT on Facebook (Neutral Voices Network) and on Yo...

We here the "Voice of The People", as we continue our discussion about the plight of the black man in America 

The Vanishing Black Man

We have an "N Depth" discussion about how the black man is seen, not seen, over looked, or is being diminished in America. 

We keep you "In The Know" about things that are going on nationally, worldwide and even locally. We talk politics, business, entertainment and sports.

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